Wrath x Rage pups at 8 weeks

Posted by Southern Inferno on August 23, 2014 at 4:10 PM

Below is a brief video of the females pups from our Wrath x Rage breeding. This is an Old Family Rednose (OFRN) x Chavis (CH. Ellison) breeding. None of the pups are available, just sharing. This video shows a good depiction of the typical temperament you will see from a Southern Inferno pup. Extremely active, play driven and confident. Pairing well bred, proper temperament and tested working stock is the first step to cultivating exceptional working and active companion APBTs, but just as importantly is early socialization and stimulation. All Southern Inferno pups are introduced to a variety of environments, noises, animals and people to create a foundation for a very well rounded and confident animal.


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