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Dogs of the Past

These are dogs of the past that are historically significant to the Southern Inferno Program.  They have played vital roles in shaping the direction of our current dogs.  

B. Shumard's Irish Wrath

Wrath passed away doing what he loved while showing the same heart that made him such a remarkable dog. As all hog hunters know, no matter how many precautions you take, any time you enter the woods nothing is guaranteed but it is still unimaginably painful when you lose an exceptional dog. Wrath was one that I whelped and raised from a pup. From opening his eyes to his first hog and beyond I had the pleasure of experiencing every step of his progression.

Wrath became a smart, fast, hard biting catch dog with more heart than most people will ever see. I knew without a question that he could get the job done and would give his life for me. He saved my backside on several occasions and never let me down. Some folks wonder why I admire real deal American Pitbull Terrier’s so much. It is because of what Wrath showed me on every hunt and even on his last; an unwillingness to surrender even in the face of death. This trait is universally admired and it is what legends are mad of. The fact that I got to be in the presence of something so courageous is an honor. Wrath died never knowing defeat and even in death he lived by what I call the “Catch Dog’s Creed”. NEVER LET GO, NEVER QUIT. Wrath will go down as one of the best I have ever owned and I consider myself very fortunate that he will live on through his offspring. RIP Wrath.

Flametree's Pyro

Pyro was our foundation straight Hemphill/Wilder (Old Family Rednose) dog and showed us what an OFRN is really capable of doing.  Driven and extremely intelligent.   He never encountered an obstacle he could not overcome.   A perfect temperament and a dog whom truly never met a stranger.  Accomplished in the woods catching wild boar as well as the show ring with an ADBA best of show to his credit.   Pyro was a truly beautiful specimen of the OFRN strain.  We are blessed that he played such a integral role in our breeding program.  

Legacy RIP

Legacy was truly one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet. Extremely affectionate and just an all around lover. Legacy was a great producer with countless proven catch dogs and multiple titled conformation, shutzhound, and weight pull offspring. She has certainly earned her place as a lazy house dog.   

B. Shumard's Irish Rage RIP 

Rage had a long and very successful career of hog catching. She will go down as one of the best catch dogs we have ever had the pleasure of witnessing work. In her prime it was truly a thing of beauty to watch her take on a boar. Fearless, long winded, unbelievably powerful bite, intelligent, and with not an ounce of quit in her.  She is our foundation for our OFRN/Chavis cross stock and is the true definition of a performance OFRN!

Champ RIP

Champ was one of those once in a lifetime kind of dogs. Exceptional working dog and an even better companion. I have been through a lot with this dog and he has always been right there by my side.  While he was not a part of our breeding program he certainly played a large role in shaping what we expect from a dog  

Hemi RIP

Hemi was one of the most physically impressive dogs I have ever seen.  Hard working, powerful, driven and just downright beautiful.  She showed us how truly athletic these dogs can be while accomplishing some truly remarkable physical feats.   

Southern Inferno's Fury

Fury was an extremely accomplished catch dog and all around athlete.  She was beautiful representation of the OFRN blood and showed all the traits you would expect from this stock.  She was lost too soon and is greatly missed by all whom had the pleasure of knowing her. 

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