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Meet our Dogs


Southern Inferno Males

Southern Inferno's Tyrant

Registration: ADBA

Weight: 50 pounds

Blood: 68.75% OFRN/ 31.25% Chavis

Tyrant has shaped up to be a true catch dog in every since of the world. A son of two true legends here in the Inferno; Wrath and Rage. Tyrant has carried the torch exceedingly well. Extremely high drive, long winded and a very hard bite. He is the all around package.

Southern Inferno's Epic

Registration: ADBA

Weight: 65 pounds

Blood: 78.125% OFRN/ 21.875% Chavis

Epic has shaped up into an exceptional dog. He is fast, hard biting and just overall a physically imposing animal. His temperament is rock solid and can be handled by anyone even in the most stressful of situations. Along with being an exceptional working dog he shows the true APBT attitude in his love for people. He is a great representation of this line and the breed in general. 

Southern Inferno/HCIK's Cane

Registration: ADBA

Weight: 60 Pounds

Parents: Wrath x Rage

Blood: 68.75% OFRN/ 31.25% Chavis

Cane is a littermate brother to Tyrant. He has shaped up to be a rock solid catch dog. He is slightly larger than Tyrant and has some serious power behind him. Great temperament with a strong working drive make him a great addition to the Inferno.

Southern Inferno/HCIK's Slayer aka Striker

Southern Inferno's Striker

Registration: ADBA

Striker has made his way back to the Inferno after spending several years proving himself against the rankest boars in the everglades. Striker is a direct brother to Wrath RIP. He has proven himself beyond question and seen more work than most dogs will ever even dream of. His heart, drive, working ability, and temperament have been tested and proven time and time again. Striker is a true warrior and with the passing of Wrath he is a vital piece of our breeding program.     

Southern Inferno/ HCIK's Ripsaw

100% OFRN Hemphill/Wilder

Ripsaw is an exceptional representation of straight OFRN Hemphill/Wilder Dog.  Athletic, long winded and incredibly intelligent.   He has shown himself to be a worthy son of Flametree's Pyro and a key piece in the continuation of our straight stock here in the Inferno.  


Southern Inferno Females

Southern Inferno's Rogue

Registration: ADBA

Weight: 50 pounds

Parents: Striker x Fury

Blood: 78.125% OFRN/ 21.875% Chavis

Rogue has proven herself to be a remarkable catch dog. Lightning fast, hard hitting, extremely driven and perfect structure. She strongly takes after her grandmother, Rage, in temperament and working ability.

Southern Inferno's Cersei

Registration: ADBA

Weight: 45 lbs

Cersei has shaped up to be an absolute hammer of a little catch dog.   She has caught some of the biggest and nastiest hogs for the year so far and proven herself beyond a shadow of a doubt.  Exceptional confirmation, temperament and working ability.  Truly the whole package.  

Southern Inferno's Phoenix

Registration: ADBA

Weight: 40 lbs

Phoenix was hunted hard in the swamps of South Florida for several years before returning to the Inferno to aid in the continuation of our straight OFRN stock.  She is a small and fiery package that has shown all the traits we have come to expect from a working OFRN dog.  She has shown to be an exceptional Dwight of Pyro and a valuable piece of our program.  

Southern Inferno's Vision

Registration- ADBA

Weight- 45 lbs

Vision is a promising young dog starting out her hunting career.  We have big expectations for her.  

Maintaining working dogs

True working American Pitbull Terriers are becoming more and more a thing of the past.  Most are bred solely for looks or pretty pedigrees.  It is our objective to maintain true to form working dogs.   Athleticism, Drive, Heart, Temperament and Working Structure.

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